3 Things You Don’t Wear With Sneakers


Sneakers have a special place in the shoe spectrum. Once being used for strictly athletic purposes, they successfully made the transition to being all-around, everywhere shoes.

As versatile as the sneaker is, it’s not always suitable. They can be your go-to option, but they can’t always save you. Here are some instances where you might want to stash those sneaks.¬†

1. Maxi Dress

Yes, we understand why you prefer the maxi dress over 90% of what you currently have in closet. It’s easy, and it’s ¬†flattering. With that being said, they are a no-go with sneakers. We know you think outside of the box when it comes to fashion, and you think about pulling it off. But, it just doesn’t work.

If you absolutely must go with a sneaker because a change of wardrobe isn’t feasible, go with a low-profile and simple kick, like the Converse All-Star “Chuck Taylor”. Keep it mellow.

2. Mini-Skirts

Wait a minute. You’re probably thinking, This totally works. You’ve seen it done before. Then you realize, you remember seeing it done years ago, when you were in grade school.

Easy fix, nevertheless. Heels are a mini-skirt’s best friend. So if you’ve just got to wear sneakers, go for ones with some height, i.e. sneaker wedges.

3. Stockings

You’re sending all the wrong messages here. Stockings are saying it’s business hours, and the sneakers are ready for what’s to come after you clock out.

We appreciate your readiness for whatever obstacles you may run into while unjamming the office copier, but this is not the way to approach that possibility. Trade those stockings in for some long socks, ankle socks, no-shows or no socks.