3 of the Best Running Accessories


You already have the perfect running shoes to give you that little extra edge over your competition, but what do you do when you need that extra edge? Whether you are competing against others or your personal bests, sometimes all you need is just a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to give you that advantage.

Nike Wide Sport Bands 6-Pack

When you are on that last leg of your run with the finish line in sight (no pun intended), having your hair blow in your face or sweat drip in your eyes just might be the thing that keeps you from beating your personal record. With the Nike Wide Sport Band, you don’t have to worry about this tragedy happening to you, and you can sport your fashionable athletic style.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Running Watch with Sensor

The Nike+ SportWatch accurately tracks your distance and time that you can keep track of during your run, leaving the guess-work out. You’ll know just exactly how hard you have to push it when it comes to crunch time.

Nike Vintage MDL .73 Sunglasses

When you are trying your hardest to concentrate on your running technique, the last thing you need is the sun glaring in your eyes and distracting you. Eliminate this problem with the Nike Vintage MDL .93s. They set the trend with their vintage style, and they’ll keep eyes totally protected with their 100% UVA and UVB blocking technology.

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