2013 NCAA Tournament: What to Watch For


There isn’t a time of year that blends sports and mainstream culture better than the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Below are thirteen things our Finish Line team is keeping an eye out for as the tourney gets underway.

13.  With every buzzer beater, our anger towards CBS for not resigning Gus Johnson will continue to grow.

12. Gonzaga sinking under pressure. Everyone knows it’s coming.

11. Any game Bill Raftery is announcing.

10. Keep in mind mascot dominance when picking brackets. We would love to see Colorado bring real life Ralphie to Austin and see who can physically stop a buffalo?

9. Previews for The Masters. You take in decades of golf history just by watching a basketball tournament. By the Final Four, Jim Nantz has made his point that “It’s a tradition unlike any other.”

8. Marshall Henderson eventually crying. No one is going to feel sorry for that guy when it happens.

7. Oregon’s uniforms. I am sure Nike U. will roll out something special for this game.

6. NC State making a run. This is the 30 year anniversary of the Valvano Miracle after all.

5. If game officials actually can discern between a charge and a block. Most cannot.

4. A potential Doug McDermott vs. Ryan Kelly match-up in the round of 32. They may as well just be the same person.

3.  Mid-Majors making a run. Saint Louis seems to be a bettor’s favorite. They are also the feel good story.

2. Because everyone likes an attractive group of cheerleaders, we are hoping the Gators make a deep run.

1. Chaos. There have been seven teams ranked #1 this year. It’s wide open.