2013 NCAA Tournament- 5 Bold Statements


If you watched TV, been on, or listen to Sports Radio in the past couple days you’ve without a doubt heard everything there is to know about the 68 teams in this years NCAA Tournament.

As we get ready for a slew of first round games, right or wrong here are five bold claims we are prepared to stand behind.

1.    A white guy will win Most Outstanding Player of the Tournament. (Cody Zeller, Doug Mcdermott, Kelly Olynyk, Aaron Craft, Kelly, Marshall Henderson, Nate Wolters)

2.     A mid-major will be playing for the National Championship. (Gonzaga, New Mexico, St. Louis, Butler, VCU, UNLV)

3.    A member of Duke will be seen crying during CBS’s annual rendition of “One Shining Moment.” (Mason Plumlee, Ryan Kelly, or Seth Curry)

4.    A number 1, 2,3, and a 4 seed will all fall in the first weekend.

5.    The girlfriend of a standout player will be featured so prominently on CBS throughout the tournament she will go on to become the next CBS reality star (See Katherine Webb as an example)