2013 Adidas Tourney Uniforms


If you’ve watched any of college basketball championship week you might have noticed the new adidas NCAA Men’s basketball uniforms. They are hard to miss as these uniforms can be seen from a mile away.

UCLA, Baylor, Notre Dame, Kansas, Louisville, and Cincinnati were the six (un)lucky teams to receive the newly designed uniforms, and they aren’t quite like anything else we’ve seen on the NCAA hardwood before.

Notre Dame, Kansas, and Cincinnati will be playing in the new adiZero sleeveless uniforms, which we have to admit look at least a little bit better than their short-sleeved counterparts, which UCLA, Baylor, and Louisville will be wearing.

All six uniforms feature a very loud Impact Camo print on the shorts, equipped with a stripe along the side featuring the school’s secondary color. The tops of all six uniforms are primarily solid, with Impact Camo print on the sleeves for the short-sleeved versions, and Impact Camo on the shoulders of the sleeveless versions.

Like most things so extreme, you are either going to love or hate these uniforms. Some might say they are unique, revolutionary, eye-catching, and modern, while others will say they are weird, uncomfortable, and just down right ugly.

However, we think everyone can agree that these new NCAA uniforms from adidas are nothing short of different, and if their purpose is to be noticed, well, they have certainly succeeded.