The 10 Biggest Sneaker Co-Signs in Hip-Hop


run-dmc-adidas-superstarImage Via: KicksOnFire

1. Run D.M.C. (adidas Superstar)

They are the pioneers, the archetype and the genesis of why brands could no longer avoid the hip-hop culture and the consumers who were moved by it. Sure, the Superstar had some success, but the kids from Hollis, Queens, dressed head-to-toe in B-boy attire, not only revived the interest of the model, but also helped extend adidas’ reach to an audience many brands had chosen to ignore. In response to an anti-sneaker track by a fellow Hollis native known as Dr. Deas, D.M.C. shot back with an anthem shooting down the negative perception around those wearing the shell toes titled “My adidas.” With the success of the single and the brand recognizing the marketing power of the trio, a groundbreaking deal north of $1 million was signed and the rest is history. A legitimate argument can be made that without D.M.C., the subsequent partnerships between brands and rappers never happen.