10 Reasons You Know You’re a Fitness Addict


While some people can’t stand working out, it’s all others can even think about. How do you know that you are in fact a fitness addict?

1. You never leave the house without your gym bag.

2. You know approximately how many calories are in every food item you come across.

3. You’re on a first name basis with every employee at your gym.

4. “Fast food” is no longer a term in your vocabulary.

5. You check out your body in every mirror you come across.

6. You can’t remember what red meat tastes like.

7. The first thing you check when booking a hotel is if they have an on-site gym.

8. You find yourself jogging or biking to run errands instead of taking the car.

9. There’s no difference between your casual clothes and your workout clothes.

10. You constantly have the thought, I can beat that guy/girl in a when looking at a complete stranger.

How else do you know you’re a fitness addict?