10 of the Most Shocking NFL Draft Picks


Via USAToday

For the past few weeks, fans of every team have been speculating where players will end up for the NFL season. Will the Rams be giddy for Goff? Will the Eagles be flying high with their controversial trade? Only time will tell. With the NFL draft right around the corner, we want to take a look at some of the most shocking NFL draft picks. These might be shocking in the sense of, “What was the GM thinking?”, but it also contains players that turned out to be some of the most dominant players in their respective positions, while some might be a mix of both.

Every sport has moments that shock fans, some are earlier in the year and some wait until they are on the 5 yard line with one of the best running back in the game and decide to pass the ball. With that said, these are 10 picks that shocked the NFL and the fans watching.