10 of the Most Shocking NFL Draft Picks


4. Ricky Williams

Team: New Orleans Saints
Position: Runningback
Year: 1999
Round: 1st, 5th OVR


Ricky Williams was supposed to be the best running back to ever play the game, and on some runs we saw glimpses of that. Williams managed to pick up over 1,000 yards rushing in four straight seasons. Getting Ricky Williams to the Saints was the shock though.

Mike Ditka had been known to make absurd moves and it did win him a Super Bowl a decade before. Maybe he was trying to get back to the level his ’85 Bears was on, but giving up everything to move on 7 spots in the draft was absurd to say the least.

Ricky did perform up to par of what everyone was expecting of him, right until the point he decided to retire in 2004. One week before training camps were to begin.