10 of the Most Shocking NFL Draft Picks


9. Ray Guy

Team: Oakland Raiders
Position: Punter
Year: 1973
Round: 1st, 23rd OVR

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The Raiders make the list again in back to back fashion with two special teams players selected in the first round. This pick taking place in the early 70’s, the Oakland Raiders spent their 23rd overall pick on a punter from Southern Methodist University. Guy, arguably one of the greatest kickers of all time, spent some time playing defensive back and quarterback in college, but he made his money as a punter in the NFL.

With over 1,000 career punts and 44,493 total yards, Guy frustrated multiple teams by pinning their backs to their endzone and averaging 42.4 yards per punt. This was a controversial pick in 1973, but Guy ended up being a Hall of Fame punter. I guess you can say that’s one way to prove a crowd wrong.