10 of the Most Shocking NFL Draft Picks


1.Tommy Maddox 

Team: Denver Broncos

Position: Quarterback

Year: 1992

Round: 1st, 25 OVR



Via Yardbarker

Maddox would have been happy to go in the draft at all, let alone in the first round. Elway had led his team to the AFC Championship the year before so the last thing Bronco fans expected was to hear as the 25th overall pick was a sophomore quarterback out of UCLA. Maddox had been selected because the Bronco head coach, Dan Reeves, was having trouble with John Elway. A year later Reeves would be replaced by Wade Phillips as the Denver Bronco Head Coach.

Elway was playing his best football and he believed the Broncos should have picked someone that he felt could have helped the team out some more instead of a successor. Tommy Maddox had a solid season the year before entering the draft, he had finished with 2,681 yards 16 touchdowns and 16 interceptions and led UCLA to the John Hancock Bowl title. Maddox was the first player in the Pac-10 to to reach 5,000 passing yards by the end of their sophomore season.

Maddox would finish 0-4 his rookie year and was traded to the Los Angeles Rams a year later.